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Recommendations of Clients and Colleagues

Comments and Recommendations from Clients!

Kelly Brannon  Kelly Brannon  of Union Leasing Inc. and Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing at Sasser Family Holdings

I first had the opportunity to work with Vihar for trademark services, and I quickly learned that regardless of the scope of the legal services required, he is extremely professional, personable, reliable and responsive. He pays the utmost attention to detail, and keeps his clients informed every step of the way.”

January 29, 2013, Kelly was Vihar’s client

Jay Hirpara  Executive Vice President, Jay Hirpara of American Standard Circuits, Inc. (client)

Jay hired Vihar as an Attorney in 2011 and hired us more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

“Great result, deep knowledge of subject, work done on timely manner with reasonable cost” January 29, 2013

Brian Bender  Brian, Owner of Net Elevation, Inc.  hired Vihar as an Attorney in 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Vihar Patel is a highly knowledgeable business attorney who cares for his clients and works to find the best solutions for their needs. He meets deadlines, suggests helpful ideas and is kind and professional at all times. Vihar is also well-connected to other professionals and is a great resource to find other service providers.” January 30, 2013.

Scott Muller  Scott Muller, Sales Professional

Vihar takes the word professional to a whole new meaning. I can best describe his work as his passion. If you or someone you know is ever in need of his professional services I highly recommend a consultation with VRP Law, P.C.”

February 26, 2013, Scott was Vihar’s client

Recommendations by Colleagues

Yuri Tkachenko Foreign Legal Consultant, Lavrnyvich and Partners Law firm in Kiev and Law Offices of David Freydin, LTD (colleague)

Worked directly with Vihar

“I have known Vihar Patel for quite a long time and have worked with him at the Law Offices of David Freydin from August 2007 through October 2008. Vihar is a very hardworking and smart lawyer and also aims at achieving the maximum possible efficiency, at all the possible areas of work that he handles. I firmly believe that Vihar can deliver a performance exceeding expectations. I give my best recommendations for Vihar as a highly professional Employment and Intellectual Property Law attorney.” January 30, 2013

Andrea Biwer Vice President, Business Development, Greater O’Hare Association / Elk Grove & Itasca Chamber of Commerce (business partner)

Was with another company while working with Vihar

“It is with pleasure that I recommend Vihar to the GOA business community! When I met with Vihar for the first time 6 months ago about his law firm I was extremely impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, and knowledge of his industry. I have referred his law firm to several business connections of mine and they have actually called to thank me afterwards for the introduction and told me they have become clients of his. Thank you Vihar for providing excellent services to these people and making me look good for referring them to you.” September 29, 2011.

Kevin Lovellette, Assistant Attorney General, Assistant Supervisor, Tort Unit, Office of the Illinois Attorney General (colleague)

managed you indirectly

“Vihar is an excellent attorney. We worked together on an involved Wrongful Death matter. Vihar’s deposition and writing skills are very good. Though he left the office where we were working before the case went to trial, it was Vihar’s work which allowed us to come to an incredible settlement. I highly recommend Vihar to anyone looking for an attorney.” September 22, 2010.

Barbara BresslerBarbara Bressler   Director, Technology/Intellectual Property Clinic, DePaul University (Law Professor)

“I supervised Vihar when he was an LL.M. candidate and provided services to our clients in our Technology/Intellectual Property Clinic at DePaul University College of Law. His work was exemplary and clients had confidence in his abilities. He always identified options for our clients and helped them to decide which options best fit their business plans. I highly endorse Vihar.” October 27, 2009

Recommendation of Gary Griffin, Bureau Chief of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office
” I recommend Vihar R. Patel as a conscientious, diligent, and creative lawyer. Vihar demonstrated professionalism and a results-oriented approach in defense of claims asserted against various State agencies and individual officers/employees. I have no doubt that Vihar will demonstrate the same attention to detail, professionalism and creativity in providing general litigation and counseling services to a variety of clients.”

Recommendation of David Freydin, Former Partner, Law Offices of David Freydin Ltd.
“Vihar demonstrated excellent legal acumen and diligence in managing a heavy case load involving a variety of civil litigation matters including: consumers, business, employment and real estate litigation matters. Vihar also assisted in hiring and training one of my associates Julie DeJong. Vihar’s ability to multi-task, develop litigation and discovery strategies, conduct winning arguments and arbitrations, and draft winning motions made him a successful associate and partner. Moreover, Vihar’s ability to provide creative legal solutions to challenging legal problems will continue to serve him well in the future.” 

Recommendation of Tom Ioppolo, Supervising Attorney with Illinois Attorney General while Vihar was an Illinois Assitant Attorney General

“Vihar assumed the lead attorney role and helped obtain a summary judgment in defense of a state trooper in a jail suicide case in the Favors matters. Now, that Vihar has started his practice, I believe Vihar would perform in a conscientious and professional manner for all his clients.”

Patrick O'Brien Patrick O’Brien Senior. Account Executive at Wolters Kluwer

“Vihar is a highly talented individual. While we worked together I had the opportunity to witness first hand how Vihar immersed himself in his clients’ cases. He listened carefully to their issues, responded diligently to their questions, and with his “client comes first” attitude he did not stop until he provided solutions that delivered winning results for his clients. ..more

November 24, 2009, Patrick worked directly with Vihar



Most endorsed for…Intellectual Property by Thirty Nine Colleagues!

Most endorsed for…
39 Intellectual Property

23 Trade Secrets

22 Trademarks

18 Litigation

15 Copyright Law

9 Corporate Law

7 Patents

3 Patent Law, Patent…

3 Trademark Prosecution,…

3 Entrepreneurship

Brad Lyerla Brad Lyerla Partner at Jenner & Block and Co-Chair of the Patent Litigation and Counseling Practice Group

“Vihar and I collaborated on several projects for the IPLAC litigation committee when I was the chair. He is a very talented and energetic lawyer with a bright future ahead of him in IP law, or any other course he might choose for himself. I look forward to working with him again.”

March 1, 2009, Brad was with another company when working with Vihar

Edward D. Manzo  Edward D. Manzo  IP partner at Husch Blackwell LLP

“I worked with Vihar on a bar association project several years ago. He is eager and intelligent, with a passion for the law. He is a self-starter who brings unique perspectives and insight to his projects. Vihar is a valued member of IPLAC, and I look forward to his continued success.”

July 11, 2009, Edward D. worked directly with Vihar

Endorsed for Trade Secrets by Twenty Three Colleagues!
Endorsed for Litigation by Eighteen Colleagues!
Endorsed for Trademarks by Twenty Two Colleagues!

Endorsed for Copyright Law by Fifteen Colleagues!


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