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Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Legal Groups

Mission and Vision Statement of VRP Law Group

Our Law Firm is built upon the bedrock principle of the Clients’ best interests, not perceived best interests, but their actual best interests. At VRP Law Group, we want each member of our Legal Team (Vihar, Nirmal and Pranesh) to exercise their own professional legal judgment. We want each member of our legal team to feel free to share their comments and thoughts, whether or not, they contradict our prior advice on a similar issue. We will make sure you fully understand the issues before making a recommendation. Once, we have come to an internal agreement, then we will provide a full costs and fees estimates. If we do not agree with the Client, then we will give our Clients our rationale for giving our recommendation, and they are free to take the business or legal risk that suits them.

However, we promise never to say to our Clients–do it this way, because it is consistent with any of the following: a) the legal advice from the prior attorney you had; b) it is what you want to hear; c) the same advice as the attorney that referred you to us; or d) the same as our prior advice to you or another client, even though, circumstances may have changed. Frankly, none of these rationales, serve the Clients’ best interests, so, they are not an adequate basis for making any recommendation to any Client.

Our Clients appreciate the fact that we exercise our own professional legal judgment and tell it to them straight. We are very much process and efficiency focused and separate each legal project into specific tasks with a Days to Act Number. We have an internal and proprietary VRP Law Case Tracking Database, a VRP Law Forms Library, a VRP Law Legal Resources Library, and generate Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports for our clients. Our business and corporate clients want, deserve and have come to expect from VRP Law P.C. and VRP Law Group efficient and a high quality of legal services from us. We make sure that the legal services that we provide are necessary to achieve each client’s individual business, personal and/or professional goals! We are passionate about being a business partner for our Clients, the Clients are a valued member of our professional services team, but there is no hierarchy!

VRP Law, P.C. and VRP Law Group-We created this law firm to create a niche firm that provides a high quality of legal services with a more personalized and pleasant legal experience with your lawyer. Our Boutique Law Firm is based in Chicago and is in the heart of Chicago’s Loop and Financial Districts–we are two blocks from the Federal and State Courthouses. Our Law firm’s mission is to make sure that you contact your lawyers in advance of a problem arising, but this requires a relationship of trust and confidence in your lawyers. It is our attorneys’ job to create a legal experience that fosters confidence and trust in our legal services. We want to work with you and help you now and in the future. We want to make sure you are keeping your lawyers informed of any decision that carries some form of business or legal risk. As your lawyers, it is our job to anticipate your needs and present you with creative legal and business solutions.

What kind of legal services does VRP Law Group provide?
Our attorneys provide timely and cost effective legal services that provide you with multiple legal solutions to your transactional and litigation challenges. Our lawyers take your calls and messages are returned within 24 to 48 hours. Our attorneys believe that your lawyers should be available when you need them. Our lawyers will listen and ask questions to understand your legal problems, your personal ambitions and your business plans. Our attorneys provide legal solutions that are specifically tailored to your business or personal problems and budget. Our Law Firm does not have any minimum billable hours for our attorneys. As your lawyers, we work efficiently to make sure your problem is solved, as quickly, as possible.

We employ lean staffing using attorneys that are experienced to service our clients to provide effective and efficient services. Our lawyers often work with ERISA Benefits colleagues, Tax Attorneys, CPAs or Tax Specialists, Business Brokers, Venture Capitalists, Foreign Attorneys, International Trade Lawyers, Local Attorneys, and Jury Consultants, to ensure that our clients receive the most complete and highest quality of legal services. As your, lawyers, we act as a single point of contact to address all your business and legal concerns. Sometimes, we act as the In-house Attorney or work with the In-house Lawyers and manage a project for a client through our network of professional colleagues.

Other times, we act as Litigation and Trial Lawyers to help our clients achieve their desired outcome.

Our attorneys focus on our core competencies to ensure that we are aware of current business and legal trends, industry norms and practices, and provide a concise response to your business or legal questions. Based on our combined twenty plus years of experience and by staying current on legal trends our lawyers are able to provide legal recommendations or solutions to many legal problems without having to spend excessive hours conducting legal research. We believe that your lawyers should be able to answer questions and provide guidance when you call and need it.

Chicago Business Law Attorney

Illinois Business Law Lawyer

What do we mean when we say we provide “Business or Corporate Law” Services? It means that we will not just be your business or corporate lawyers, but become your business partner to help you develop and grow your business or company. It means that our lawyers will take the time to understand your current business or corporate operations and future business plans or corporate strategies to provide more complete legal solutions. We are not just attorneys to help you with a business or corporate lawsuit, but strive to become a business and personal advisor that helps you develop and grow your business, instead of, being a single project service provider. It means that our attorneys do not say no “you cannot implement your business strategy” but as your business or corporate lawyers, we say, “here are some options for overcoming the legal hurdles for your business or corporate growth strategy.” It means that we are available when you need your lawyers to answer your business, corporate and legal questions. It means that our Law Firm provides timely and responsive legal services in a cost effective manner by not staffing more lawyers on a project than it requires.

Whether you are buying a company, forming a company, setting up a business for sale, growing your business by hiring employees, looking for capital to help you acquire equipment, planning for an exit, or succession planning,VRP Law Group can assist you with all your business and corporate legal needs. Our lawyers have helped business owners, entrepreneurs, investors and fortune 500 corporations in the software and wireless technology, construction, manufacturing, printed circuit boards, human resource, engines and turbine, advertising, biotechnology, restaurant, real estate, clinical research, banking, hotels and hospitality, petroleum, food, and semiconductor industries. Our breadth of industry and legal experience and team of attorneys allows us to provide a more complete level of Business and Corporate Law services.

Our lawyers will get back to you as soon as possible, get to the point quickly and give you an estimate for each legal project you need. If this is the type of Business and Corporate and Litigation services you want to receive, then we probably are the right Business and Corporate and Litigation Attorneys for you. So, what are some of our core competencies on Business and Corporate Law matters?Business or Corporate Formation, Business or Corporate Contracts, Buying or selling a business or company, Mergers and Acquisitions, Angel or Seed Funding, Venture Capital and Investments, Start up and Entrepreneurial Services.

Below is a more detailed description of some of the legal services that our Business Attorneys and Corporate Lawyers provide :

Considerations in Selecting A Business Entity

Business or Company Formation: business succession planning, corporate filings with IL or Delaware Secretary of States Offices, IRS and IDOR and related tax filings, s-corps, c-corps, shareholders agreements, membership agreements, articles of incorporation, articles of organizations, corporate resolutions, partnership agreements, limited liability companies, corporate strategy, compliance and risk management.

Business or Corporate Contracts: buy/sell agreements, licensing agreements, financing agreements, employment agreements, joint venture agreements, loan agreements, distribution agreements, royalty sharing agreements, customer and vendor agreements, confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, master service agreements, technology services agreements, and a variety of other business, corporate and commercial agreements.

Business or Corporate Purchase or Sale: Drafting and negotiating asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, letters of intent, term sheets, intellectual property assignments, diligence and related agreements. Mergers and Acquisitions for privately held businesses, small and midsize companies. Buying or selling commercial real estate.

Business or Corporate Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and litigation of disputes involving business transactions, commercial agreements, shareholder disputes, membership disputes, shareholder oppression, breach of fiduciary duties, interference with business relationships, non competes and a variety of other business and corporate claims.

Mergers and Acquisitions: purchase or sale of family owned businesses, privately held businesses, small to midsize companies, exit planning, incentive plans, turnaround deals, and related business and corporate legal services.

Start up and Entrepreneurial Law Services: acquiring venture capital, capital calls, executive compensation agreement, exit planning, spin-offs, new product and service launches, research and development agreements, joint venture agreements and related start up and entrepreneurial law services.

What do we mean when we say “Intellectual Property (IP) Law” Services? It means our IP lawyers provide timely and cost effective legal services to help protect what you created and developed. Our IP attorneys are adept at using Copyright, Patent, Trademark and Trade Secret regulations to help you protect and profit from your efforts. As your IP lawyers, we help you create barriers to entry and maximize the returns on your hard work and efforts.

Our IP attorneys work with businesses, corporations, companies and individuals to help them identify the hidden value of their business practices and operations procedures. As your IP lawyers, we help you develop and manage your copyright, trademark, patent portfolios.

For Corporations, Companies and Business Owners: our attorneys help them identify the hidden value of their business assets. Our IP lawyers help develop and manage intellectual property portfolios. By creating a bundle of copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets our attorneys help corporations and business owners create methods of monetizing their research and development efforts. First, our lawyers will take the time to understand our clients’ business plans and operations to make sure we are able to develop intellectual property rights that aid in growth and revenue generation. We believe that as your IP Lawyers, we should help you incorporate intellectual property protection strategies into your business and corporate planning.

Trademarks, Trademark Portfolios, Trademark Prosecution, Trademark Litigation, Oppositions, and Cancellations.

Suggestions and Considerations for Trademark Owners

As your trademark attorneys, we help companies manage their branding and trademark portfolios by prosecuting and litigating trademark matters. Our lawyers prosecute trademarks in front of the Trademark Office or the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Office of Harmonization of the Internal Market (OHIM), and other Foreign Trademark Offices. Our trademark attorneys generally recommend creating a family or portfolio of marks that utilize a house mark to maximize the values of your trade or service marks and the goodwill of your business. Our trademark lawyers litigate trademark matters with the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB), International Trade Commission (ITC), State and Federal Courts, and international courts in China, India, Brazil, Canada, Europe and a variety of other markets through our network of foreign agents.

Our trademark attorneys, help trademark owners protect their online brand identity by using trademark regulations to prevent the use of copycat or duplicate domains by individuals seeking to trade on your goodwill. Our trademark lawyers help police a company’s brand or trademarks by vigorously prosecuting claims against counterfeiters. Our trademark attorneys try to combine trademark rights with other intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, patents or trade secrets, to maximize the return on your research and development, advertising and marketing, and other business costs.

Copyrights, Copyright Prosecution, Copyright Portfolios, and Copyright Litigation

Our copyright lawyers prosecute copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office, European Union Copyright Office and other Foreign Copyright Offices. Our copyright attorneys help copyright owners protect against the online distribution of their works through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and Take Down Notices. Our copyright lawyers litigate claims of copyright infringement, trafficking and counterfeiting in State and Federal Courts. Our lawyers can also assist in litigating international copyright matters. Through the use of Copyright law, our attorneys help protect software or source codes, business and operations manuals, books, videos, songs or lyrics, websites, photographs, music, internal business forms, movies, educational aids, and a variety of other works that can be copyrighted. As your copyright lawyers, we will help you manage and police infringement, and maintain and manage copyright portfolios.

Patents, Collaborate with Patent Prosecution or Technology Counsel and Patent Litigation

Understanding IP Rights_VRP Law_University of Chicago Sample Patents

As your patent attorneys, we will help you acquire and develop patent by working with Patent Prosecutors to protect patent rights by filing applications with the Patent Office or the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), WIPO and foreign patent offices. Our patent lawyers will help you with licensing and managing your Patent Portfolio. As your patent attorneys we will also help you enforce patents by litigating patent matters with the International Trade Commission (ITC), Federal Courts across the Country. Our attornes have been admitted in Pro Hac Vice in Delaware and states across the Country.

Our patent lawyers are adept at prosecuting, defending and litigating patent infringement claims relating to software, biotechnology, semiconductors, circuit boards, mechanical inventions, generic drugs, computers and cloud technology, databases, computer applications and a variety of other industries through the use of industry experts. Our Patent Attorneys are adept at learning new technology, using technology to educate the judge in markman hearings, and explaining complex patents to lay jurors. Our patent attorneys have published on the FDA exemption from patent infringement for generic drugs and ANDA litigation. Our patent attorneys have published books on claim construction in the Federal Circuit that are sold through West, and actively review and comply with the jury instructions for patent infringement in the Seventh Circuit, Delaware, and the Ninth Circuit.

The new jury instructions allow our patent lawyers to get patent infringement cases to a jury trial in two years. This helps our patent attorneys cut down the costs of litigating patent infringement claims. As your patent attorneys, we help you maximize the return on your patents by assisting in developing patent and intellectual property portfolios. This allows you to license a bundle of intellectual property rights to increase licensing royalties and damages from infringement of intellectual property rights. As your Patent Law firm, we will help you recoup your costs and investment in research and development.

Trade Secrets, Developing and Implementing Confidentiality Policies, and Litigating Misappropriation of your Trade Secrets.

As, your IP lawyers, we use the Trade Secret Law to help companies keep their competitive advantage by protecting information, such as, chemical and biochemical formulas, circuitry and design work, manufacturing processes, SEO processes, source code, software, client lists, operations manuals, business operations, supplier lists, pricing information, and other relevant information that provide a competitive advantage. Most businesses and companies have Trade Secrets that they do not even realize they own. Our IP attorneys help in implementing good confidentiality and restricted access policies. This allows corporations and businesses owners to maintain the confidentiality of vital business information and acquire Trade Secret protection.

Our IP lawyers craft good employment agreements and non-competition agreements that limit the use of trade secrets. Allowing corporations and business owners to maximize the value of their trade secrets. Our IP attorneys vigorously litigate trade secret misappropriation cases in State and Federal Courts. Our IP trial lawyers litigate preliminary and permanent injunctions and temporary restraining orders for breach of a non-competition agreement and misappropriation of trade secrets cases regularly. Our IP attorneys by developing and protecting trade secrets for corporations and business owners can often develop valuable intellectual property rights without the added expense involved in acquiring patent rights. Depending on your business trade secrets and developing a trade secret portfolio may be the best way for you to create a competitive advantage and ensure that you retain it over the life of your business.

If this sounds like your idea of an Intellectual Property Law Firm, then we are probably the right IP Law Firm for you. Below is an additional summary of some of the type of intellectual property matters our IP attorneys handle.

For Individuals

Our IP lawyers help individuals, such as, artists, inventors, photographers, employees, scientists, athletes, actors, dancers, yoga teachers, musicians, comedians, film directors, choreographers, website developers, software consultants and many other professionals develop valuable intellectual property lights. Our IP attorneys utilize trademark, copyright, patent and trade secret laws to help individuals develop additional licensing and royalty streams or increase the damages they can receive for intellectual property infringement cases.

Our IP Lawyers will help develop a bundle of intellectual property rights or a single trademark, copyright, patent or trade secret right that enables you to create a barrier to entry and protect your hard work. Our IP attorneys will help you in negotiating work for hire agreements, employment agreements, master service agreements, technology service agreements, production agreements, distribution agreements, publication agreements, and a variety of other commercial IP contracts. Our IP trial lawyers litigate trademark, copyright, patent or trade secret matters for individuals in State and Federal Courts to make sure they get the compensation that they deserve.

Our IP Law Firms, treat individual clients the same as our corporate clients and provides you with the same level of care in developing a complete intellectual property strategy and portfolio. If this is your idea of an IP Law Firm, then we are probably the right IP lawyers for you. Below is an additional summary of the type of intellectual property law services that our IP Law Firm provides.

Intellectual Property Agreements: licensing, ownership, assignment, transfer, buy/sell, confidentiality, non-disclosure, joint venture, distribution, marketing, royalty sharing agreements, work for hire agreements, publication and production agreements, entertainment agreements and much more.

Intellectual Property Acquisition: domestic and foreign prosecution and registration of copyrights and trademarks. Prior art searches, freedom to operate opinions, take down notices, and cease/desist letters. We also assist in implementing policies and practices to protect trade secrets, trade dress and avoiding infringement claims and applicable safe harbors.

Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and litigation of trade secret misappropriation, copyright, patent and trademark infringement lawsuits. In addition, we provide infringement, non-infringement, design around, and advisory opinions on willfulness.

Acquisition of Financing using their Intellectual Property: We work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to assist them in obtaining financing using their often overlooked intangible assets.

What do we mean when we say “Employment Law” Services? It means our lawyers provide services to Employers and Employees in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner. We serve as your Employment Lawyers and partner for your Human Resource Department.

Our Services Video

For Employers: It means our attorneys provide quick turnaround and timely legal advice for all your employment decisions. It means our employment lawyers help you manage and reduce the risk of Employee claims by providing training, drafting and implementing employment policies, investigating infractions of employment policies by Employees, and assisting in complying with the applicable government agency and employment law regulations. As your Employment Law Attorneys we help you manage business and employment risks.

It means our lawyers help you respond to Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) requests, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requests, Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) Requests, Federal Department of Labor (DOL) requests, Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES), Chicago Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) requests, and variety of related matters. It also means our trial attorneys vigorously defend Employers in State and Federal Courts from frivolous claims. Based on our litigation and trial experience our lawyers are often able to get frivolous claims dismissed via a motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment.

In addition, because our practice includes representation of Employees, our attorneys are often able to think like Plaintiff’s attorneys and anticipate the legal tactics utilized by Plaintiff’s attorneys. Employers find this insight valuable in defending difficult and tough claims asserted by vigorous Plaintiff’s or Employee attorneys. Our trial lawyers are adept at enforcing non-competition agreements, wage and compensation matters, and defending against discrimination, harassment and retaliatory discharge claims. Moreover, our attorneys take a global perspective and help employers implement risk management practices to help reduce the risk of future claims, reduce their Employer’s Liability Insurance Payments, and prevent class actions.

If this is your idea of an Employment Law Attorney, then we are probably the right Employment Law Firm for you. We have provided a summary list of the types of matters that our lawyers handle to assist you in selecting the right law firm.

For Employees: It means our attorneys provide timely and valuable legal insight on deciding where to work, what kind of compensation to negotiate for, how to address or resolve disputes with your supervisor, how to address or report discrimination, harassment, wage violations, retaliation, or illegal activity by coworkers or supervisors. Our trial attorneys also litigate to enforce your employment rights. Our trial lawyers have extensive litigation and trial experience and are able to make sure that your employment rights are fully protected.

Our trial lawyers do not litigate every Employee’s claims, we limit our services to those that are meritorious and require us to litigate to ensure that the Employee is provided proper compensation and free from discrimination, harassment or retaliation. Our attorneys represent Employees in front of the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL), Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Federal Department of Labor (DOL), Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES), and State and Federal Courts.

Our trial attorneys are adept at having non-competition agreements declared unenforceable, ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve, and vigorously litigate discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims. Moreover, because our lawyers represent Employers we are able to anticipate their litigation tactics, and prevent the dismissal of your claims. Our attorneys proactively assist Employees with maximizing their future employment opportunities and reducing the risk of a negative referral or negative performance evaluations.

If this is your idea of an Employment Law Attorney, then we are probably the right Employment Law Firm for you. Below is a summary of the type of Employment Law Services that our lawyers provide :

Attracting and Retaining Talented Employees_Sample

Human Resources Training: drafting employment handbooks, hiring, firing, and disciplinary policies, drug testing, investigating Employee’s backgrounds, bonus, compensation and wage agreements, compliance with employment regulations, overtime and hourly matters, sexual harassment, retaliation and discrimination policies. Training Employees on how to implement appropriate employment policies and resolving personnel issues.

Employment Agreements: compensation, incentive plans, executive compensation agreements, stock options (ESOPs), non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, separation agreements, employment settlement agreements, release of claims, confidentiality, independent contractor, sales representatives, work for hire, intellectual property ownership agreements, and a variety of other employment related agreements.

Employment Dispute Resolution:Negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and litigation of disputes involving hiring, firing, compensation, discrimination, wage and hour matters (including overtime), section 1981, civil rights, Equal Pay Act (EPA), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, sexual harassment, work place violence, non-competition agreements, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), False Claims Act (FCA), Quia Tem matters, Fair Labors Standards Act (FLSA), Illinois Sales Representative Act (ISRPA), Illinois Whistleblower’s Protection Act (IWPA), Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act (IWPCA), IDOL audits and a variety of Employment Law claims.

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